Top 10 meditation benefits

that have been proved by scientists

The benefits of meditation have been scientifically proven. It is amazing how meditation can improve your life in so many different ways. Meditation helps to combat stress, depression, and anxiety, keeps your body young and healthy, and even makes you smarter.

Many famous people, like Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates, say they meditate on a regular basis. Is this just another popular trend or does it have real benefits? According to Ram Dass, former Harvard psychologist and the world’s renowned meditation teacher “Meditation enhances your insight, reveals your true nature, and brings you inner peace”. Indeed, meditation teaches you to stay in the moment and embrace life with the attitude of curiosity, openness, and acceptance. 

Here are the top ten reasons to add meditation to your daily routine. 

1. Prevent depression

Depression has become the curse of the XXI century. The global anti-depressant industry was estimated at more than 14 billion USD in 2020. This number is expected to grow up to more than 17 billion in 2026. According to the World Health Organization, 264 million in the world suffer from depression. Isn’t this crazy? Living in a world where we have access to more comfort than ever, humanity is unhappier than ever before. 

What if there was a free pill to cure you of depression? Without prescription or side effects. There is no such pill but a solution exists. There is scientific proof that regular meditation prevents depression and chronic distress. By meditating regularly you will become the happiest person you know. 

Our mind tends to wander around and often drifts towards negative thoughts. This study proves that teaching your mind to focus and choose the thoughts you want to think makes you a lot happier.

2. Release stress


We live in a stressful world. Every day we are exposed to more information than our ancestors consumed in a lifetime. Unfortunately, a lot of this information is negative. 

Economic and political problems, hunger, poverty, crime makes us feel worried 24/7. The releases cortisol, the stress hormone that causes severe damage to your health. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Meditation helps with stress and anxiety.

We can choose what news we pay attention to. Meditation teaches us to control and navigate our minds so that we can deal with the negative and focus on the positive. A scientific study shows that meditation can reduce anxiety by as much as 40%. 

In fact, this research shows even a single mindfulness meditation can reduce anxiety.

However to see measurable results in brain structure affecting memory, sense of self, empathy, and stress, you need to regularly meditate for at least 8 weeks, shows another scientific study. This is one of the most important meditation benefits, useful for nearly everybody on earth.


3. Boost creativity

Creative professionals will appreciate this amazing meditation effect. Artists, singers, writers will notice an amazing creativity boost, when they start meditation regularly. But even if your profession is not directly connected with art, there is plenty of room for creativity in everyday life. 

Once you start to practice meditation every day, you will notice you can find new effective solutions to your business problems. You will resolve daily issues in no time at all. Harvard Business Review analyzed how meditation affects a business environment and found astonishing results. According to this study, meditation promotes creative thinking, even if you have never meditated before. 

4. Become smarter

Meditation physically changes your brain. It increases your grey matter and helps your brain process more thoughts and feelings. Just like you find it easier to run when you do it regularly, meditation helps you to take your thinking to the next level. The difficult tasks will not seem so difficult anymore. 

Your brain can evolve just like your muscles. This study shows that the longer you meditate the more you progress. Gyrification ("folding" of the cortex, which may allow the brain to process information faster) grows as you meditate. Experienced meditators have larger amounts of gyrification and it grows over the years of meditation. This enables you to process the information easier and faster. 


5. Become more energetic

The energy boost that you get with meditation is amazing. And it is even better when paired with yoga. While many of us suffer from lack of sleep and constant fatigue, meditation gives you access to the energy, resting undiscovered before. 

Partially, this is due to stress reduction. Stress makes your heart beat faster, pump more blood, breathe more often. All of these are very energy-consuming. But once you learn to deal with the stress, you can “save” this energy for more important tasks. 

You also learn to save some energy on your mind’s work. Our brain is constantly thinking about numerous things, that don’t really matter at the moment. How many times have you found yourself fearful of the future, daydreaming, or stuck in the memories? These are the tasks that your brain has to work on, and of course, this means spending extra energy, too. But when you practice meditation regularly, you learn to eliminate all the non-essential thoughts. This helps you to control your power and do the things, that you believe important. 

While meditation alone is good for your body’s energy efficiency, when combined with yoga it is even more beneficial, according to this research. Meditation will also help you if have trouble falling asleep. So in the morning, you will be rested and in a good mood.

6. Stay healthy


Regular meditation helps to reduce the risk of health issues, especially heart diseases, anxiety disorders, high blood pressure, and chronic pains. A number of studies tested the health benefits of meditation. They studied patients, who took a mindful meditation course and compared them with a group of patients who have not. Patients who regularly meditate recover faster and show a lower risk of similar diseases in the future. 

A lot of this is due to the stress-reduction effect of meditation, energy-saving, and taking a pause from life, which lets your body heal itself. 

7. Develop clear focus 


According to Brian Tracy, the world-famous coach for entrepreneurship and success and Amazon's #1 Self-Help author, the one thing that all accomplished people share in common is the focus. Being focused helps you to eliminate distractions, stay true to your own self and achieve your goals regardless of the circumstances. And there is no better exercise to train your focus than meditation. 

Just by meditating 15-30 minutes a day you teach your mind to keep the spotlight on what is important. You train to stop unnecessary thoughts, internal monologues, and concentrate on your goals. 

Furthermore, meditation benefits your decision-making process. Instead of merely reacting to a situation, you will be proactive. You can decide whether you want to ignore it or view it as an opportunity. This is indispensable for both business and personal growth. Staying focused ensures you are going to get where you want to be. 

8. Be Forever young 

Meditation rejuvenates your body and mind. Most importantly, meditation can slow the age-related loss of gray matter in the brain, as this study shows. But it may also reduce the aging changes, due to stress elimination, health benefits, and better choices you make throughout your life.                              

9. Smile more


Since meditation teaches you to choose your thoughts as if you were choosing outfits in the closet, you can always experience the emotions you want to experience. So you can get rid of the negative stuff cluttering your mind. This means you can experience more positive emotions during the day and share them with others.


10. Find love 


Meditation benefits your relationships and helps you build meaningful connections. When you practice meditation you develop emotional intelligence. You will easily recognize your own and other people’s emotions. This may have a tremendous positive impact on your love life. 

Not only will you be more patient with your loved ones, but you will also be able to communicate your emotions clearly and politely. The situations when you lose your temper will disappear, instead, you will find yourself in control of your emotions. You will freely communicate your thoughts and find room for compromise. All of this will help you build the relationship you have always wanted.